We're Excited to Meet You!

77 Salem St. Malden, MA

Malden High School
Free Street Parking on Sundays, as well as off street parking available at 99 Prescott St.

Sundays at 10am

We start at 10am and normally end by 11am. Afterwards, we’d love to meet you, if you’re free to hang around longer!

Kids Are Welcome

[smr kids is suspended until it’s safe to resume]

We have two classes for your kids: Ages 1-5 & Ages 6-11. The smr kids check-in is located upstairs!

Kids will join us for the beginning of the gathering, have a short kids teaching moment, and get dismissed midway through. Then after communion, you can go and bring your kids back to our gathering to sing with us!


We realize it’s intimidating to visit a church for the first time, so we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions all in one place!

My first visit was on Easter Sunday. I was warmly welcomed by the Pastors and several members of the church. The second week, I returned and people remembered my name and welcomed me back. Both pastors reached out to make a connection and take time to ask about my week. It already feels like home. Looking forward to Sundays!

Kimberly N.

Is there parking?

There’s plenty of free street parking on Sunday all around the High School. You can park on either side of Salem Street or Ferry Street. You’ll enter the building from the Salem St. side.

Where's the entrance?

From the Salem St. side of the building, you will see signs along the sidewalk that will direct you to the entrance. We meet in the cafeteria closest to the Malden Seal (on the corner of Salem St. & Ferry St.).

What if I'm coming by public transportation?

We’re less than a 10 minute walk from Malden Center Station (Orange Line).

Bus Routes 106, 108, 411, 430 will drop you off right in front.

Bus Routes 99, 101, 104, 105, 131, 136, 137 will drop you off within 1 minute walking distance.

You can plan your trip using the MBTA’s Trip Planner.

What should I wear?

Thankfully, there’s no dress code at Seven Mile Road. People dress pretty casual, so be yourself.

What about my kids?

We’re committed to the discipleship of every generation, which is why we love worshipping with our children as much as possible. 

When you first arrive, your children can sit with you. We’ll sing a couple songs and invite them up for a kids teaching time, where a pastor teaches them about Jesus and prays for them. They can participate if they want to.

Then they’ll be dismissed to the kids classrooms, where trained volunteers will care for them and teach them in a safe and fun environment! You can walk your kids up to the classrooms and check them in at our check-in station.

Then, you can come back down for the sermon and after we take communion, you can go bring your child back to worship and sing some songs altogether!

If your child is under 12 months and nursing, we do provide a mom’s space (in the back, behind the dividers), where you can participate in the gathering, while maintaining privacy.

What are your gatherings like?

Our Sunday gathering is simple: we want to worship Jesus together.

A band will lead us in a couple songs about Jesus, and we’ll pause to pray. We take a moment to teach and pray for our children before we dismiss them to their classrooms. Then, we’ll typically read the Bible and listen to teaching on what it looks like to follow Jesus. After the teaching, we’ll respond to Jesus by eating at His table (sometimes known as communion or eucharist), which is followed by some more songs. To end, we’ll be sent with a benediction (good word) to go and make Jesus known.

Our hope is that everything we do is about Jesus!

You're welcome here!

We’re so glad you’re considering a visit to Seven Mile Road. If there’s anything we could do to make your visit exceptional, would you let us know?

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