Lead Your Family Worship in Three Steps

We've developed a family worship guide for you to lead your children on the Lord's Day! Download the PDF to get started.

Watch the Bible story video

Watch the short Youtube video by clicking the video link below.

Ask some questions about the story

Use the prepared questions as a guide or ask them verbatim if you want!

Spend a moment in prayer

Ask if one of your children would like to pray or you can pray for them!

Play the Video Lesson (below) for your children and ask the follow up questions to engage them with the story!
Ask some follow-up questions to begin discussion.
Take the week to memorize Scripture together! Write it down and place it in your kitchen so you can recite the verses at every meal.
Take a picture. We’d love to see how you all are worshipping with your families. Post a picture on social media and tag us!
A great idea to engage your kids this week!
Wiggle that energy out!
Please let us know how we can help and improve how we serve you!